Welcome to the Healthy Materials Initiative Wiki Pages!

The Healthy Materials Initiative is an advocacy project of Designfluence [[1]], designed to bring awareness of materials that are both healthy and toxic (to the point of dangerous) to human life.

The Healthy Materials Wiki will serve as a "plain-English" general reference and educational aid for creative product developers, including:

- designers - engineers - architects - artists - scientists - inventors

It is our MISSION to provide these creative product developers -- users of materials -- access to a comprehensive, non-technical resource that includes known material properties and characteristics, INCLUSIVE of toxicity levels and protocols relevant to that material.

There is no intention of competing with other materials lists, material labs or other references/resources, especially in materials science. We encourage active (and up-to-date) listing of all viable materials resources here. We do NOT encourage, nor is this a forum for, targeting companies for non-compliance or poor judgment, however we would welcome any manufacturers who would contribute to the Effort.

MatWeb [[2]] contains "data sheets for over 61,000 metals, plastics, ceramics, and composites." We recommend them as a resource for in-depth material and manufacturer datasheets. We note that the datasheets and online listings do NOT include any indication of the toxicity of any material we can find. This is also true of any of the databases and sites we are currently aware of. We will list as many resources as we can find.

We welcome experts in the general field of materials science, and encourage experts in specific materials categories and singular materials. We also welcome help in organizing the structure and usability of these pages to be as effective as possible within the wiki framework.

This is a beginning. To your good health!

David Alan Foster - 17 November 2006